Research Interests

  • Global Np-hard Optimization based on a Gain-directed Stochastic Search
  • Non-equilibrium continuum mechanics; Non-linear and Stochastic Structural Dynamics; Linearization Techniques in Non-linear Dynamics; Impact Dynamics
  • Mesh-free and Finite Element Methods; Stabilization schemes for systems losing ellipticity
  • Strain Gradient and Cosserat Continuum Theories; new computational procedures for handling finite rotations and strain softening; non-local elasticity and plasticity; Eshelbian Mechanics and configurational forces
  • Stochastic Filtering Techniques for Inverse Problems; applications to nonlinear structural system identification and medical imaging problems
  • Wrinkling of Membranes and Inflatable Structures
  • Computational Impact Dynamics; SPH-based simulation with acceleration-corrected artificial viscosity

My research interests include a broad spectrum of Computational Mechanics. A few of the current ongoing research works are listed below. Please follow the links for description. 

Mechanics of structured material and small-scale structures


COMBEO (Change Of Measure Based Evolutionary Optimization)


Shell Modelling




Analysis of Composite Delamination using micropolar theory


Simulation of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami


Mesh-independent Simulations of Shear-band formation

Simulation of collision between two rubber rings