Ph D Conferments


Candidate Name, Year of award of degree, Thesis title, Research Supervisor(s)


1 Satyanarayana B (1967)

Swelling pressures and related mechanical properties of black cotton soils

Ranganatham B V


2 Nagaraj T S (1967)

Experimental and phenomenological studies of shear strength characteristics of cohesive soils

Govinda Rao N S and Ranganatham B V


3 Madhav M R (1968)

Some studies on consolidation behaviour of clays

Govinda Rao N S and Ranganatham B V


4 Subba Rao K S (1969)

Strength of reinforced concrete slabs on ground

Ranganatham B V


5 Valsangkar A J (1970)

Flexural and buckling behaviour of individual piles and two-dimensional analysis of group of piles

Siva Reddy A


6 Srinivasan R J (1971)

Ultimate bearing capacity and related stability problems in soils having anisotropy and nonhomogeneity in cohesion

Siva Reddy A


7 Pranesh M R (1971)

Warping stresses in concrete slabs on ground

Siva Reddy A


8 Mishra G C (1972)

Confined and unconfined flows through anisotropic porous media

Siva Reddy A


9 Zacharias G (1973)

Studies on shear deformation and strength characteristics of cohesive soils

Ranganatham B V


10 Renga Raju V R (1973)

Strength and structural behaviour of foundations under concentrated loads

Ranganatham B V


11 Venkatappa Rao G (1973)

Physico-chemical mechanisms controlling volume change and shear strength behaviour of clays

Sridharan A


12 Narasimha Rao S (1973)

Strength behaviour including stress-strain relationships of clays

Sridharan A and Nagaraj T S


13 Pandian N S (1974)

Effect of stress-ratio including KO on deformation behaviour of soils

Ranganatham B V


14 Nayak M (1974)

Stresses and displacements in cross anisotropic soils with particular reference to prediction of settlement of foundations on clays

Subba Rao K S and Srinivasan R J


15 Sreenivasulu V (1974)

Stability problems in soils of anisotropic, nonhomogeneous undrained strength

Ranganatham B V and Nagaraj T S


16 Ramasamy G (1975)

Flexural behaviour of axially and laterally loaded individual piles and groups of piles

Siva Reddy A


17 Jeyachandran R K (1975)

Settlement of pile foundations and drag load on piles

Ranganatham B V


18 Mogaliah G (1975)

Ultimate bearing capacity and stability problems in soils considering partial saturation and anisotropy and non-homogeneity in cohesion

Ranganatham B V and Siva Reddy A


19 Raman J (1976 )

Dynamic response of footing-soil system to vertical vibrations

Sridharan A


20 Shanmuganathan S (1976)

Strength behaviour of isolated and combined footings

Ranganatham B V


21 Basu U (1977)

Steady state confined and unconfined flows through anisotropic soils

Siva Reddy A


22 Somasekhar B V (1977)

Studies on stress-deformation and strength of soils under general stress-state

Nagaraj T S


23 Rangaiah N (1977)

Lower bound limit analysis and design of reinforced concrete rectangular slabs

Ranganatham B V and Subba Rao K S


24 Allam M M (1978)

Shear strength and volume change behaviour of desiccated soils

Sridharan A


25 Siddappa S (1979)

Studies on mechanisms of fibre reinforced cement-based composites

Nagaraj T S


26 Krishna Murthy M (1980)

Studies on stress-deformation and strength of soils under triaxial compression and extension

Sridharan A and Nagaraj T S


27 Shyam Prasad Y (1981)

Strength and structural behaviour of strip, isolated and combined footings

Ranganatham B V


28 Venkatakrishna Rao K N (1981)

Ultimate bearing capacity and stability of slopes considering anisotropy and nonhomogeneity in cohesion and other related stability problems

Siva Reddy A


29 Jayadeva M S (1982)

Analysis of soil behaviour as interacting systems

Nagaraj T S


30 Rajagopalan Nair R P (1982)

Strength and structural behaviour of alternate footing systems

Ranganatham B V


31 Satyadas G G (1982)

Some studies on swelling and shrinkage of black cotton soil with particular reference to effects of temperature and humidity

Subba Rao K S


32 Nagendra M V (1982)

Studies on foundations-soil system subjected to vertical and horizontal vibration

Sridharan A


33 Sreepada Rao A (1983)

Physico-chemical properties and engineering behaviour of anion absorbed clays

Sridharan A


34 Sharada Bai H (1983)

Some studies on structure-soil interaction analysis elastic and elasto-plastic plane frames

Ranganatham B V and Subba Rao K S


35 Kulkarni V G (1983)

Steady two-dimensional seepage flow analysis of analytical and numerical methods

Siva Reddy A and Sridharan K


36 Srinivasa Murthy B R (1983)

Prediction of volume change behaviour of soils

Nagaraj T S


37 Sashikant Singh (1986)

Lower bound limit analysis of footings and slabs on ground

Subba Rao K S


38 Rengaswamy N S (1986)

Failure of cold-drawn and stress-relieved pre-stressing steel Effect of tensile stress, strain rate, temperature, pH and polarisation on corrosion cracking in H2S and NH4N03 environment

Ranganatham B V


39 Satyanarayana Murthy N (1987)

Factors in mechanisms controlling volume change behaviour of fine grain soils

Sridharan A


40 Dwarakanath H V (1987)

Structural response of partially steel reinforced concretes

Nagaraj T S


41 Gandhi N S V V S J (1987)

Studies on the shear modulus and damping factor of uniform layered soils

Sridharan A


42 Satyanarayana D (1987)

Finite difference modelling of seepage and ground water flows

Siva Reddy A


43 Gajarajan V S (1987)

The role of anion on the volume change behaviour of clays

Sridharan A


44 Padmanabha J R (1988)

Some studies on engineering properties and behaviour of Black cotton soil as affected by climatic factors

Subba Rao K S


45 Bhanu Prasad D (1988)

Decision support data for interacting factors for design of footings

Ranganatham B V


46 Hans Raj Singh (1989)

Bearing capacity of reinforced soil beds

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Sridharan A


47 Venkatesh K H (1989)

Some studies on the uplift and axial capacity of piles

Subba Rao K S


48 Venkatasubramanya B V (1989)

Framed structure-soil interaction with particular reference to partial loss of support and presence of underground voids

Allam M M and Subba Rao K S


49 Vatsala A (1989)

Development of 'CAM-CLAY' models for over consolidated and sensitive soils

Srinivasa Murthy B R


50 Chandrakaran S (1990)

Mechanisms controlling the engineering behavior of bentonites exposed to sea water and smectite rich natural marine clays

Sudhakar Rao M and Sridharan A


51 Bindumadhava (1991)

Reinforced soil technique for soft/expansive soils

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Sridharan A


52 Sreedharan B R (1991)

Quantification of effect of significant factors on settlement controlled design bearing pressure

Ranganatham B V and Allam M M


53 Sivakumar Babu G L (1991)

Engineering behaviour of residual soils in tropical environment

Pandian N S


54 Shashiprakash S G (1992)

Analysis of behavior of cement composites: Particular and non-particulate considerations

Nagaraj T S and Raghu Prasad B K


55 Krishna Rao S (1992)

A study of the lumped masses multi-degree-of-freedom idealization of a tall structure with soil-structure interaction

M M Allam


56 Vijaya Bhaskar Raju K (1992)

Engineering behaviour of fine grained soils with chemical additives and the governing physico-chemical mechanisms

Sivapullaiah PV and Sridharan A


57 Jayasimha K S (1992)

Permeability and containment retention characteristics of soils and soil-fly ash systems

Pandian N S, Sudhakar Rao M and Sridharan A


58 Dilip Kumar Baidya (1993)

Dynamic response of foundations on layered and nonhomogeneous soils system

A Sridharan


59 Balakrishna C K (1993)

Analysis of reinforced earth foundations

Srinivasa Murthy B R


60 Ramesh H N (1994)

Engineering behaviour of lime stabilized fine grained soils containing sulphate and the governing physico- chemical mechanisms

Sivapullaiah P V and Sridharan A


61 Gurumurthy J V (1994)

Behavior of expansive soils cushioned with stabilized rice husk ash and a critical appraisal of CNS soil as a cushion

Subba Rao K S and Sivapullaiah P V


62 Jyant Kumar (1994)

Theoretical analysis of anchor pull-out capacity and associated earth pressure problems

Subba Rao K S


63 Ramnath K P (1995)

Influence of iron oxides on the physical properties and engineering behavior of kaolinite

M Sudhakar Rao and A Sridharan


64 Karibasappa S (1995)

Ultimate bearing capacity problems in anistropic and non-homogeneous soils

Subba Rao K S


65 Manoj M (1995)

Analysis and prediction of compaction characteristics of soils - an integrated approach

Pandian N S and Nagaraj T S


66 Narasimha Raju P S R (1995)

Compressibility and permeability behaviour of soils - analysis and assessment

Pandian N S and Nagaraj T S


67 Stalin V K (1995)

Factors and mechanisms controlling the index properties and engineering behavior of soil mixtures

Sivapullaiah P V and Sridharan A


68 Zahida Banu A F (1995)

Synergetics in the proportioning of concrete mixes

T S Nagaraj


69 Herkal R N (1996)

Constitutive behaviour of partly saturated fme grained soils

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Vatsala A


70 Vinod P (1996)

Analyses oftwo-Iayer soil systems beneath rigid footings

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Sridharan A


71 Shantharajanna H R (1996)

Elasto-plastic modelling of fme grained soils - A variable moduli approach

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Vatsala A


72 Rajasekhar C (1996)

Retention and permeability characteristics of clays and clay-fly ash systems subjected to flow of contaminants

Pandian N S and Sridharan A


73 Nagendra Prasad K (1997)

Constitutive modelling of soft cemented soil

Srinivasa Murthy B R, Sitharam T G and Vatsala A


74 Raghavendra H B (1997)

Some studies on the analysis of reinforced soil beds

Srinivasa Murthy B R and Sitharam T G


75 Mohan Rami Reddy P (1997)

Role of physico-chemical factors in the heave and collapse behaviour of laboratory desiccated soils

Sudhakar Rao M


76 Robinson R G (1998)

Some studies on the interfacial friction between soils and solid surfaces

Allam M M and Subba Rao K S


77 Gangadhara S (1998)

Cyclic swell-shrink behaviour of laboratory compacted expansive soils

Sudhakar Rao M and Subba Rao K S


78 Prakash K (1998)

Settling, compressibility and permeability behaviour of fine grained soils

Sridharan A


79 Manjunatha K (1998)

Uplift capacity of horizontal strip and circular anchors in homogeneous and layered soils

Subba Raochu KS


80 Prashanth J P (1999)

Evaluation of the properties of fly ash for its use in geotechnical applications

Sivapullaiah P V and Sridharan A


81 Ramesh Babu R (1999)

Uplift capacity and behaviour of shallow horizontal anchors in soil

Subba Rao K S


82 Snehasis Tripathy (2000)

Behaviour of compacted expansive soils under swell-shrink cycles

Subba Rao K S


83 Sitaram Nayak (2000)

Passive earth pressure coefficients and their applications in the uplift capacity of anchors

Subba Rao K S


84 Sridevi Jade (2000)

Numerical modelling of jointed rock mass

Sitharam T G


85 Revanasiddappa K (2000)

Collapse behaviour of red soils of Bangalore district

Sudhakar Rao M


86 Nagaraj H B (2001)

Prediction of engineering properties of fine-grained soils from their index properties

Sridharan A


87 Muttharam M (2001)

Engineering behaviour of ash-modified soils of Karnataka

Sudhakar Rao M and Venkatarama Reddy B V


88 Ali Keyhani (2001)

A Study on the predictive optimal active aontrol of civil engineering structures

Allam M M


89 Lakshmikantha H (2001)

Stablised mineral liners for wasted containment facilities

Sivapullaiah P V


90 Krishna K C (2001)

CBR behaviour of fly ash-soil-cement mixes

Pandian N S


91 Parthasarathy C R (2002)

Prediction of engineering properties of fine grained soils

Subba Rao K S


92 Deepankar Choudhury (2002)

Passive earth pressures and associated problems under seismic conditions

Subba Rao K S


93 Dinesh S V (2003)

Discrete element simulation of static and cyclic behaviour of granular media

Sitharam T G


94 Nagendra Prakash B S (2003)

Removal of heavy metal ions from fine grained soils by electrokinetics

Sivapullaiah P V


95 Seshagiri Rao R (2004)

Response and reliability analysis of buried flexible pipes

Sivakumar Babu G L and Srinivasa Murthy B R


96 Shivananda P (2004)

Role of lime-soil reactions and environmental factors in the engineering behaviour of lime amended expansive clays

Sudhakar Rao M


97 Maya Naik S (2004)

Influence of Diffusion Coefficient and Retardation Factor in Contaminant Transport Through Soil Liners

Sivapullaiah P V


98 Govindaraju L (2005)

Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Sandy Soils

Sitharam T G and Srinivasa Murthy B R


99 Priyanko Ghosh (2005)

Applications of Method of Characteristics and Upper bound Limit analysis to Different Bearing Capacity Problems

Jyant Kumar


100 Manju (2005)

Alkali Induced Heave in Kaolinitic soils and Remedial Measures

Sivapullaiah P V


101 Narendra B S (2006)

Improvement of Strength of Soils at High Water content using Pozzolanic Materials

Sivapullaiah P V


102 Sireesh Saride (2006)

Behaviour of Geocell Reinfored Foundation Beds

Sitharam T G


103 Satyanarayana Murthy D (2006)

Probabilistic Site characterization and Reliability Analysis of Shallow Foundation and Slopes

Sivakumar Babu G L


104 Ravishankar B V (2006)

Cyclic and Monotonic Undrained Behaviour of Sandy Soils

Sitharam T G


105 Vinod J S (2006)

Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Granular Materials: A Discrete Element Approach

Sitharam T G


106 Shankara G (2006)

Geotechnical Behaviour of Soil containing Mixed Layered Illite Smectite contaminated with Caustic Alkali

Sivapullaiah P V and Allam M M


107 Thyagaraj T (2007)

Influence of Osmotic Suction on the Swell and Compression Behaviour of Compacted Expansive Clays

Sudhakar Rao M


108 Anbazhagan P (2007)

Site Characterization and Seismic Hazard Analysis with Local Site Effects for Microzonation of Bangalore

Sitharam T G


109 Vidya Bhushan Maji (2008)

Strength and Deformation Behaviour of Jointed Rocks: An Equivalent Continuum Model

Sitharam T G


110 Vasudevan A K (2008)

Effect of Coir Fibres on the Engineering Properties of Soils in the Context of Sustainable Development

Sivakumar Babu G L


111 Murali Krishna Adapa (2008)

Seismic Reponse of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wall Models using Shaking Table Tests

Madhavi Latha G


112 Sumantha Haldar (2008)

Reliability Based Design Methods of Pile Foundation under Static and Seismic Loads

Sivakumar Babu G L


113 Raju G C (2008)

Characterization and Re-use of Lead contaminated Gypsum Sludge

Sudhakar Rao M


114 Kouzer K M (2008)

Interference Effects on the Collapse Loads for Footings and Anchors Using an Upper Bound Finite Element Limit Analysis

Jyant Kumar


115 Hari Prasad Reddy P (2008)

Remedial Measures for Alkali Induced Heave in Soils

Sivapullaiah P V


116 Guru Prasad Bolineni (2008)

Mechanism and Control of Sulphuric Acid Induced Heave in Soils

Sivapullaiah P V


117 Raju K V S B (2008)

Tip Resistance of Miniature Cone Penetrometer Using Triaxial Apparatus for Clean and Silty Sand

Jyant Kumar


118 Arunakumari G (2009)

Factors Affecting The Static and Dynamic Response of Jointed Rock Masses
Madhavi Latha G


119 Hemanth Kumar Dash (2009)

Undrained Cyclic and Monotonic Response of Sand-Silt Mixtures

Sitharam T G


120 Munwar Basha B (2009)

Optimum Design of Retaining Structures under Static and Seismic Loading: A Reliability Based Approach

Sivakumar Babu G L


121 Pijush Samui (2009)

Geotechnical Site Characterization and Liquefaction Evaluation using Intelligent Models

Sitharam T G


122 Mamatha P (2009)

A Magnesia Based Sustainable Method for De-fluoridation of Contaminated Groundwater

Sudhakar Rao M


123 Khatri Vishwas Nandkishore (2009)

Solutions for Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Geomechanics Problems with Lower Bound Finite Elements Limit Analysis

Jyant Kumar


124 Manas Kumar Bhoi (2009)

The Effect of Interference of Strip Foundation and Anchors on their Ultimate Bearing Capacity and Elastic Settlement

Jyant Kumar


125 Vikas Prathap Singh (2009)

Response and Reliability Analyses of Soil Nail Walls

Sivakumar Babu G L


126 Amit Srivastava (2010)

Risk Analysis of Earth Dams Under Static and Earthquake Loadings

Sivakumar Babu G L


127 Bharat T V (2010)

Modeling of contaminant Transport through Soils and Landfill Liners

Allam M M and Sivapullaiah P V


128 Ramulu More (2010)

Rock Mass Damage Due to Repeated Blast vibrations in Underground Excavations

Sitharam T G and Madhavi Latha G


129 Arif Ali Baig (2010)

Enhancing the Potential of Glass F Fly Ashes for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Applications

Sivapullaiah P V


130 Vipin K S (2010)

Assessment of Seismic Hazard with Local Site Effects: Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches

Sitharam T G


131 Raghavendra Rao M V (2011)

A Simplified Approach of Modelling the Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils

Sivakumar Babu G L


132 Madhusudhan B N (2012)

Dynamic Properties of Dry to Fully Saturated Sands Using Resonant Column and Bender element Tests

Jyant Kumar


133 Paramita Bhattacharya (2012)

Lower Bound Limit Analysis Applications for Solving Planar Stability Problems in Geomechanics

Jyant Kumar


134 Prabhu Gurubasappa Rakaraddi (2013)

In-Situ Testing of Soils and Pavement Systems Using spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW)

Jyant Kumar


135 Partho Biswapati Choudhury (2013)

Intelligent Models for Prediction of Blast Induce Ground Vibration Parameters Based on Explosive and Geotechnical Characteristics

Sitharam T G, Madhavi Latha G and John Loui P (CIMFR)


136 Debarghya Chakraborty (2013)

Lower Bound Limit Analysis of Different Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Geomechanics Stability Problems Using Finite Elements and Linear Programming

Jyant Kumar


137 Anitha Kumari S (2013)

Effect of Particle Shape on the Mechanical Behaviour of Granular Media: Discrete Element Simulations

Anbazhagan P and Sitharam T G


138 Jagdish Prasad Sahoo (2013)

Upper Bound Finite Element Limit Analysis for Problems of Reinforced Earth Unsupported Tunnels and A Goup of Anchors

Jyant Kumar


139 Asha M Nair (2013)

Behaviour of geosyntheitc reinforced soil-aggregate systems under static, repeated and cyclic loads

Madhavi Latha G


140 Abhishek Kumar (2013)

Seismic Microzonation of Lucknow based on Region Specific GMPES and Geotechnical Field Studies

Sitharam T G and Anbazhagan P


141 Ravi K (2013)

CHM (Chemo-Hydro Mechanical) behavior of Barmer-1 bentonite in the context of deep geological repositories for safe disposal of nuclear waste

Sudhakar Rao M


142 Sreevalsa Kolathayar (2013)

Comprehensive Seismic Hazard Analysis of India

Sitharam T G


143 Sandeep Kumar Chouksey (2013)

Strength and Deformation Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Based on constitutive Modeling Approach

Sivakumar Babu G L


144 Vandana Sreedharan (2013)

Characterization and Assessment of Organically Modified Clays for Geo Environmental Applications

Sivapullaiah P V


145 Shashidhar S (2013)

Influence of Permeation of Synthetic Groundwater Solutions on the Hydromechanical Properties of Barmer Bentonite

Sudhakar Rao M


146 Raji (2014)

Endochronic constitutive Model for Sands and Its Applications to Geotechnical Problems

Sitharam T G


147 Suganya K (2014)

Role of composition, Structure and physic-chemical environmental on stabilization of Kuttanad soil

Sivapullaiah P V


148 Naveen James (2014)

Site Characterization and Assessment of Various Earthquake Hazards for Micro and Macro-level Seismic Zonations of Regions in the Peninsular India

Sitharam T G


149 Arjun Sil (2014)

Seismic Hazard Assessment of Tripura and Mizoram States along with Microzonation of Agartala and Aizawl cities

Sitharam T G


150 Anil Kumar Sharma (2015)

Class - F Fly Ash and Ground granulated blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) Mixtures for Enhanced Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Applications

Sivapullaiah P V


151 Renjitha Mary Verghese (2015)

Shaking table tests to study the influence of ground motion, soil and site parameters on the initiation of liquefaction in sands

Madhavi Latha G


152 Indra Prasad Acharya (2015)

Synthesis and Characterization of Geopolymers as Construction Materials

Sudhakar Rao M


153 Amarnath Hegde (2015)

Ground Improvement using 3D-cellular confinement systems Experimental and Numerical Studies

Sitharam T G


154 Raghuveer Rao P (2015)

Factors Influencing contaminant transport in vadose zone of near surface radioactive waste disposal facility

Sudhakar Rao M


155 Adithya Parihar (2015)

Seismic Site classification and Response Studies of Shallow Bedrock Sites

Anbazhagan P


156 Deepthi May Dilip (2015)

Stochastic modeling of flexible pavement performance

Sivakumar Babu G L


157 Resmi Sebastian (2016)

Elastic wave propagation and evaluation of low strain dynamic properties in jointed rocks

Sitharam T G


158 Devaraj H (2016)

A Framework to Measure the Socio-Economic Impact of Development Programs using Malmquist Index

Sitharam T G and Parthasarathy Ramachandran (MS)


159 Naveen B P (2016)

Assessment of Leachate Characteristics and Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Land Fill

Sivapullaiah P V and Sitharam T G


160 Arvind Kumar Jha (2016)

Role of Gypsum in Stabilisation of Expansive Soil with Lime Fly Ash - A Micro Mechanistic Study

Sivapullaiah P V


161 Achu Catherine Cherian (2016)

Effect of Cycle Strain Path and Vibration cycles on shear modulus and Damping of Sand

Jyant Kumar

162 Deendayal Rathod (2016)

Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Clayey Soils with Sloping Ground

Sitharam T G and Muthukkumaran D (NITT)


Updated on January 31, 2017