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Research Guidance:

Doctor of Philosophy

    1. Keerthana K., 2020, Studies on Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Plain Concrete - Mechanisms of Crack Growth, Effect of Loading Amplitude, Frequency and Notch Size.
    2. Sudakshina Dutta, 2019, Micromechanical Modelling of Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Cementitious Composites.
    3. Prashanth M. H., 2018, Experimental Investigations into Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Plain and Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Acoustic Emission Technique.
    4. Keerthy M. Simon, 2016, Studies on fracture and fatigue behaviour of cementitious materials – Effect of aggregate bridging, interfacial transition zone and microcracking.
    5. Pervaiz Fathima, 2014, Studies on the Modelling of Fatigue Crack Growth and Damage in Concrete: A Thermodynamics Approach.
    6. Sonalisa Ray, 2012, Studies on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Cementitious Materials: A Dimensional Analysis Approach.
    7. Hemalatha T., 2012, Studies on Characterization of Self Compacting Concrete: Microstructure, Fracture and Fatigue. (Jointly with Prof. Ananth Ramaswamy).
    8. Santhosh G. Shah, 2009, Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Concrete-Concrete Interfaces Using Acoustic Emission, Digital Image Correlation and Micro-Indentation Techniques.
    9. Ratnesh Khandelwal, 2008, Studies on the Evaluation of Thermal Stress Intensity Factors for Bi-material Interface Cracks.
    10. Trisha Sain, 2008, Fracture Mechanics Based Residual Strength Assessment of Concrete Members under Fatigue Loading.
    11. Palivela  Subba Rao, 2007, Fracture Behaviour of Jointed Concrete Interfaces.

Master of Science

    1. Nimmy Mariam Abraham, 2013, Studies on Propagating and Non-propagating Cracks in Concrete under Fatigue Loading in the Short Crack Regime.
    2. Aditya Deshpande, 2009, Fatigue Crack Growth in Roller-Rocker and Rocker Bearings of Railway Steel Bridges.
    3. Karthik Rajathachal M., 2009, Application of Polynomial Reproducing Schemes to Nonlinear Mechanics. (Jointly with Prof. D. Roy)
    4. Trisha Sain, 2003, M.S. thesis, Damage Detection and Residual Life Assessment of Concrete Structures.
    5. K. Sudheer Kamble, 2002, M.S. thesis, Modeling of Interfaces and Joints: Applications to Safety Assessment of Gravity Dams.
    6. V. Sujatha, 2000, M.S. thesis, Effects of Poisson’s Ratio and Friction on Interfacial Cracks.
    7. P. Vinu, 1999, M.S. thesis, Stress Intensity Factors for Bi-material Interface Cracks: A Weight Function Approach.
    8. K. Darun Kumar Singh, 1999, M.S. thesis, Crack Propagation at Bimaterial Interface: Application to Safety of Gravity Dams.

Master of Engineering

    1. Soumen Kumar Mondal, 2020, Analysis of Multiple Crack Interaction Problem with Integrated FEM and XFEM.
    2. Sanya, 2019, Studies on the Effect of Notch to Depth Ratios on Fatigue Behavior of Plain Concrete.
    3. Nitin Kumar, 2019, Effect of Geometric Size on Fatigue Strength of Welded Extension in Bridge Girders.
    4. Sandeep, 2019, Finite Element Analysis of Plain Concrete Subjected to Fatigue Loading.
    5. Bhushan Karande, 2019, Source Location of Acoustic Emission Generated During Damage of Concrete by ANN.
    6. Anurag Singh, 2018, Behavior of Plain Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Monotonic and Fatigue Loading.
    7. Subhendu Paul, 2018, Damage Analysis of Structural Element under Fatigue Loading.
    8. Vivek Kumar Gupta, 2017, A Spring - Slider Model for Fracture Process Zone in Concrete.
    9. Abhinav T., 2015, Fracture Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams.
    10. Mohamed Abdul Hafiz, (2015), Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Fracture Behavior of Graphite.
    11. Shakti Pratap Singh, 2013, Study of Non-propagating Fatigue Cracks from Notches.
    12. Major Ajay Kumar Sharma, 2012, Studies on the Behavior of Slabs on Elastic Foundations.
    13. Anjaneyulu T., 2012, Crack Propagation Analysis in Pavements.
    14. Vijaya Bhaskara G. S., 2011, Boundary and Thickness Effect on Fracture Energy of Quasi-brittle Bi-material Interfaces.
    15. Netaji Prasad, 2011, Non-linear Finite Element Formulation for Localized Failures in Beams.
    16. P. Koteshwar, 2010, Failure Analysis of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Shell Structures. (Jointly with Dr. K. S. Nanjunda Rao)
    17. Bhasya V., 2009, Tension Softening in Concrete-Concrete Bi-material Interfaces.
    18. Ankur Sharma, 2009,Stress Intensity Factors at Bi-material Interfaces Cracks using Hierarchical Blending Element for Partition of Unity.
    19. Fasalu Rahman B., 2009Fatigue Life Studies on a Steel Bridge.
    20. Srinivasulu V., 2008, Study on the behavior of Quasi-Brittle Bi-material Interface Subjected to Fatigue Loads.
    21. Pervaiz Fathima Khatoon M., 2008, Studies on Modeling of Multiple Cracks in Plain Concrete Beams.
    22. Vikas Garhwal, 2007, Correlation Between Fracture and Damage For Bi-material Interface Cracks.
    23. Arjuna Singupuram, 2006, Fracture Analysis of Bi0material Interface Under Thermal Loading.
    24. Bathina Sridhar, 2006, Failure Analysis of Composite Laminates.
    25. Bharat Singh Joiya, 2006, Finite Element Analysis of Interface racks.
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    34. Vijaya Kumar, 2001, Solution to Inverse Problems Using Finite Element Method and Least Square Minimization Technique.
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    37. R. Sacheen, 1999, Fracture Behavior of Bi-material System using Photoelasticity.
    38. Vinit Kumar Kain, 1998, SIF’s for Bi-materials Interface using Photoelasticity. (Jointly with Dr. K. S. Nanjunda Rao)


Doctor of Philosophy

      • Nitin Burud (2013)
      • Parvinder Singh (2015)
      • Radhika V. (2017)
      • Yogesh R. (2019)
      • Kashif Naukhez (2019) Jointly with Dr. R. Vidyasagar
      • Col. Sudhir M. R. (2019) External Registrant
      • Anupama S. (2020) Jointly with Prof. D. Roy