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Karthika P S

Title of thesis: Microscopic modeling of crowd dynamics in mass religious gatherings
Master’s Degree:National Institute of Technology, Warangal
Bachelor’s Degree: University of Calicut, Kerala



Nipun Choubey

Title of thesis: Sensing and Data Analytics of large and unstructured crowds
Bachelor’s Degree: Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing, Jabalpur



Hemanthini Allirani

Title of thesis: Developing a Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Urban Transport Measures in Terms of Quality of Life (QoL)
Master’s Degree: National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
Bachelor’s Degree: Anna University, Chennai



Furqan Ahmad Bhat

Title of thesis:  Developing decision support framework for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure planning
Master’s Degree: BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
Bachelor’s Degree: R.V. College of Engineering, Bengaluru


Aitichya Chandra

Title of thesis: Operations Planning, Modeling and Optimization of Air Transportation System in India
Master’s Degree: BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
Bachelor’s Degree: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal



Rohit Singh Nitwal

Title of thesis: Evaluating Sustainable Transport Measures toward fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals
Bachelor’s Degree: National Institute of Technology (NIT), Uttarakhand



Almas Siddiqui

Title of thesis: Urban Form and Sustainable Transport (Tentative)
Master’s Degree: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat
Bachelor’s Degree: Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), DAVV, Indore



Harendra Pratap Singh

Title of thesis: Safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)
Master’s Degree: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat
Bachelor’s Degree: Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology (RKGIT) Ghaziabad


Maneesha B

Title of thesis: Broad area of Disaster Resilient Transportation Infrastructure                                                                                    Master's Degree: National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Suratkal                                                                                          Bachelor’s Degree:University of Calicut, Kerala


Ann Das

Title of thesis: Yet to be finalized
Master’s Degree: Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences  (RUAS), Bangalore, Karnataka
Bachelor’s Degree: Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences  (RUAS), Bangalore, Karnataka



Alvin Joshua

Title of thesis: Willingness to pay for electric vehicles (Tentative)
Bachelor’s degree: National Institute of Technology, Calicut


Sital Kumar Sahu

Title of thesis: Urban Form/Land Use and Sustainable Transport (tentative)
Bachelor's Degree: National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Research Staff


Yash Seth

Title of thesis: Modelling electric vehicles adoption behaviour of Indian consumers.
Bachelor’s Degree: Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal
Master's Degree: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Lab Position: JRF 



Ankit Singh

Title of project: India-UK Collaborative Project between IISc and Energy Systems Catapult Limited, UK on “Innovating for Transport and Energy Systems (ITES): Part of the India-UK Net Zero Centre. 
Lab position: SRF
Qualifications: M.Tech (IIT BHU)

Secretarial Assistant


Ambika Keshav

Bachelor’s Degree: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth