• "Intelligent Transport Systems"
  • "Pedestrian movements in China"
  • "Traffic congestion,Environmental Pollution in India"
  • "Mono rail and Metro rail system in India"
  • "Traffic law enforcement and management centres in India"
  • "Major mode of Transport in Vietnam:2 wheelers"
  • "Public Transit systems in India"
  • "Traffic in chinese roads"
  • "Emerging Bus Systems in India and Brazil"
  • "Medium Capacity Rail Transport System in Thailand"

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the website of SIG - H3. The SIG was established on 22nd July 2014 and will focus on issues of infrastructure operation and traffic management in developing economies, which are in many ways fundamentally different than developed economies, especially in terms of; hetrogenity, non-lane based traffic, little or no segregation, driver behaviour etc. The SIG will organize various activities to address the related issues and collate research in these areas for wider dissemination and use.

Prof. Keping Li Dr. Ashish Verma

Tongji University IISc Bangalore