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Sudhakar M Rao
Professor & Chairman
2293 2323; 2293 2812

Engineering Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils, Hazardous Waste Management, Surface and Ground Water Quality, Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

Abdul Rawoof Pinjari
Associate Professor
2293 2043 (CiSTUP)

Travel Demand Modeling and Travel Behavior (Activity-based and Integrated Land-use Transport Models), Econometric Choice Modeling of User Behavior in Urban Systems, Passenger and Freight Mobility Analytics, Application of Statistical Methods for Transport Planning, Policy Evaluation, Traffic Safety, Transport Economics, Public Transport, and Freight Transport.

Ananth Ramaswamy
2293 2817; 2360 8850

Reinforced, Prestressed and Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Bridge Engineering, Structural and Shape Optimization, FRP Composites, Smart Materials and Vibration Control

Anbazhagan P
Associate Professor
2293 2467

Geophysical & Geotehncial testing and Engineering seismology Seismic Hazard and Microzonation Site Characterization, Site Response and Liquefaction studies

Ashish Verma
Associate Professor
2293 2329

Transportation Planning, Public Transport Planning and Management, Optimization of Transportation Systems, Application of Geo-informatics (GIS, RS, and GPS) in Transportation Engineering, Driver Behaviour and Road Safety, Traffic Management

Chandra Kishen J M
2293 3117

Fracture and Fatigue: Computational and Experimental, Residual Life and Strength Assessment of RC Structures, Structural Rehabilitation, Structural Safety Assessment of Dams

Debasish Roy
2293 3129

Stochastic Structural Dynamics, Mesh-free and Finite Element Methods, Cosserat Theories, Inverse Problems


Debraj Ghosh
Associate Professor
2293 2818

Computational mechanics, Stochastic finite elements, Probabilistic methods, Domain decomposition techniques, Parallel computing.

Jyant Kumar
2293 3119; 2293 2324

Lower and Upper Bound Limit Analysis with FEM, Soil Dynamics, Vibration Isolation Methods, Seismic Response of Ground

Madhavi Latha G
2293 3123

Geosynthetics, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Engineering

Manohar C S
2293 3121

Structural Dynamics, Modeling of Uncertainty and Nonlinearity in Structural Mechanics, Structural Reliability, Structural System Identification, Earthquake Engineering


Mohan Kumar M S
2293 2814

Groundwater Hydrology, Multiphase Flow in Porous and Fractured Media, Flow and Transport in Water, Distribution Networks, Flow in Irrigation Networks, Watershed Hydrology

Pradeep Mujumdar
2293 2669

Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology - Uncertainty Modeling; Water Resources Systems - Water Quality Control in Streams, Large Scale Reservoir Systems; Urban Flooding; Applications of Bayesian Decision Theory, Fuzzy and Grey Systems and AI tools in Water Resources Modeling.

Nagesh Kumar D
2293 2666

Water Resource Systems Modelling, Climate Hydrology, Fuzzy MCDM in River Basin Management, Soft Computing in Water Resources, Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resources

Nanjunda Rao K S
Chief Research Scientist
2293 2527

Mechanics of Composite Plate and Shell Structures, Structural Masonry, Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures, Application of FRP in Civil Engineering

Narayan K. Sundaram
Assistant Professor
2293 2435

Primarily interfacial solid mechanics, including contact mechanics, adhesion, indentation, large strain plasticity in metals processing (sliding, machining, micromechanics of poly -crystalline aggregates) and computational plasticity.


Raghuveer Rao P
Principal Research Scientist
2293 2816

Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils, Geotechnical Instrumentation, Slope Stability Analysis, Reinforced Earth, Numerical Modelling, Pipeline Engineering

Sekhar M
2293 2245

Physical & Chemical Hydrogeology, Watershed Hydrology, Water Quality Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Geospatial and Geophysical Methods

Sitharam T G
2293 2329; 2360 2261

Rock Mechanics, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Micromechanics of Granular Materials, Numerical Methods in Geomechanics

Sivakumar Babu G L
2293 3124

Risk and Reliability Applications in Geotechnical Engineering, Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil, Structures, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Geotechnology, Slope Stability Analysis


Srinivas V V
2293 2641

Stochastic Modelling of Hydroclimate Variables, Developing Nonparametric & Hybrid Stochastic Simulations Models, Hydrometeorology - Developing Statistical Downscaling Models, Climate Impact Assessment on Hydrology of River Basins, Regional Frequency Analysis - Floods, Low flows and Rainfall

Tarun Rambha
Assistant Professor
2293 2043

Static and dynamic traffic network equilibrium, Congestion pricing, Stochastic shortest paths, Shared mobility, Transportation Logistics, Transit systems, Evacuation models

Tejas G Murthy
Associate Professor
2293 3125

Experimental mechanics, Image based deformation measurements, Large strain plasticity, Granular mechanics

Venkatarama Reddy B V
2293 3126

Strucrural Masonry, Alternative Building Technologies and Systems, Energy in Buildings, Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Building Technologies, Recyling and Reuse of Solid Wastes for Building Applications

Venkatesha S
Senior Scientific Officer
2293 2437

Structural Engineering

Vidya Sagar R
Principal Research Scientist
2293 3120

Fracture mechanics & structural concrete




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